ROOTWORK: a deep dive into the history of foods we love to eat

Have you ever been eating your favorite food and had someone call that food by a completely different name?

Did you explore the connection?

Did you consider the history of that food and why said person referred to it as such?

I have a million of these stories, as I’m sure you do. Food and culture are inextricably linked. Where you have food, you have culture… but you also have history. “Rootwork: a Deep-dive into the history of foods we love to eat” is a rich offering to explore our connections to foodways and their diasporic roots. (And, I’ll be sharing for favorite recipes along the way!)

WHEN:  Tuesday 6/14/2022 at 7pm EST


(In Charlotte with limited space. details for virtual and in-person provided upon registrations.)

WHAT: a co-learning space to explore food history, culture, and recipes 


$75/ in person. food tasting included