Was it yesterday or right now? Freedom through song, ritual, declaration, imagination. Through adornment, expression, clothes, lack of…


Freedom from who or what? 


Freedom is a scale. A gradient. It’s sometimey and sensitive. Aren’t we all partially free, if only in our heads? But also contained in a space that holds us or others that look like us. 


That doesn’t feel free. 


Freedom is a feeling found in fragments. Hold them. Eat them. Digest them. 


A time when I felt free: 


I was searching for a vacation. Alone.

Did you know that all vacations abroad are unsafe? Ask a news watcher. 

I landed on Budapest (Budapesch) / Pest to be specific. The rough side they said. White supremicist leader. “The same as the US” I said. 


Most days were spent roaming the streets, coffee shops, boutiques/ nights… Biergartens, clubs, food truck alleys. Freedom.


Not one person to accommodate, consider. No schedule to keep or meeting to attend. Train rides to Austria. 

Views: Free. 

Staring in my face searching, admiring, wondering, sorting my roots and origin. 


Freedom in your voice and decisions. Maturity sans hesitation. Have you tasted it?  Liberation is a love language, get some.